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A Month is a long time in the World of Utopian Global.

In June we celebrated 6 months of daily CASHETS yield earnings through Infinity Vault

Whilst there is a lot of turmoil in the current markets; traditional and in the crypto markets following

  1. the ban on GOLD from Russia by the G7 Countries
  2. the collapse of 3AC (3 Arrows Capital) who triggered a wave of contagion across the crypto space, leading to fallout at some of the industry's top lending companies that promised high returns on crypto holdings
  3. the European Union finalizing its massive Markets in Crypto Assets regulation
  4. US inflation peaking at a staggering 8.5% high…

we are proud that we have successfully closed the first semi-annual year since the launch of the Utopian Global Infinity Vault and CASHETS.

More News

  1. We launched our Blog and our UG-Lounge Discord Channel
  2. New Auto-Invest for Precious Metals Feature
  3. New Premium Yield Subscription Auto-Pay Feature
  4. New 2FA email and/or phone verification Feature

A Tokenized Future?

The advent of tokenization has revolutionized the way we invest and raise money.

Learn more here

Real Assets - Real Income - Real Wealth

Our recently launched Utopian Global Infinity Vault really does give you extra.

Potential earnings up to 30% APY for premium members and up to 17% APY for standard members when you stake your CASHETS Tokens.

Premium Members can earn additionally up to 6% APY from all direct referrals.

Affiliate can earn additionally up to 8.4% APY from referrals and have the possibility to compound even further!

CASHETS is your key to unlocking a seriously upgraded Utopian Global experience.


Just by locking up your CASHETS Token in your Utopian Global Infinity Vault account.

The more CASHETS you lock, the higher your tier, and the higher your tier, the more interest you’ll earn with your INFINITY VAULT Account in Utopian Global.

Simply upgrade to the premium yield and stake your CASHETS token to get the highest rates!

At Utopian Global we are thrilled to celebrate our semi-annual milestone together and look forward to many more!

For those of you who’ve decided to apply for one of our yield programs.

We thank you for choosing us.

And make sure you do follow our page for updates on gold and silver prices; financial happenings; and company news!

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