In Gold we trust

“The relevance of gold is not in its price but in its ownership.“

A better way to own Physical Precious Metals

Physical Allocation
A Liquid Investment
Easy to buy, sell & own
Collectibles for highest protection
Swiss LBMA Refinery Assaying
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Why Gold?

”Gold is Money, everything else is Debt.”
-JP Morgan

Once ounce of Gold was enough to buy a fine handmade toga, sash and sandals.
Today one ounce of Gold can still buy you a tailored suit or dress, and shoes.

Compare that to the US Dollar

In 1900, a U.S dollar could buy a pair of leather shoes
Today, a U.S dollar can buy a chocolate bar

Gold has long been recognized as the best safe haven in times of geopolitical upheaval or economic downturns.

It protects against:

Why Own Silver?

Silver has the reputation as the precious metal of the “common person”.

Silver has incredible physical properties that make it useful in technology and as a form of money.

Silver has held its value over time while fiat currencies typically lose value the longer they are in existence.

Why purchase Precious Metals with Utopian Global?

Our Company was founded in 2008 by Bill Rowell, a licensed precious metals dealer, to provide precious metals purchase plan to the ordinary man.

Against the current

Precious metals offer low correlation to other assets and serve as a natural hedge against inflation. In a time of increasing uncertainty about global markets and geopolitics, we are committed to providing you with access to these assets and supporting companies that produce them.


Although precious metals have been coveted for thousands of years, we believe there are significant new opportunities, especially through blockchain, to make the transaction secure, faster and more reliable.

Through the Utopian Global Ecosystem™ we provide individuals a safe place to store and grow their wealth in a 100% gold and silver backed, fully audited digital ERC 223 token that can quickly and easily be converted into the currency of choice or be shipped to your front door.

How to purchase?

With the Utopian Global Gold & Silver Purchase Programs you can accumulate precious metals from as low as 25 Euros - or as high as you wish.

When your payment is processed you are allocated the amount of gold or silver available for that sum, minus a 3% margin. The pricing is based on the Argor - Heraeus Swiss Refinery LBMA BUY price.

How do we set prices?

Utopian Global is committed to fair and transparent pricing of precious metals. For every order you submit, the price is recorded in the order history module based on the Argor - Heraeus LBMA transaction price at the time of the order.

This means the price of your precious metals will be set by the Refinery London Bullion Market pricing at the time that the order is transacted.

Get KYC compliant and purchase now.