Generational Wealth today, tomorrow and beyond

"The Utopian Global Eco-System™ is a Platform that merges the latest blockchain Technology bringing intrinsic value backed by profit generating resources to cryptocurrency."

A Digital Token backed by Real-World Resources


Utopian Global, a
league of its own

Our Affiliate reward program means Members can build cash flow and securely convert commissions directly into Bitcoin and Swiss certified gold and silver, in other words you are being "Paid to Save".


Residual rewards build your passive income

Founded in 2008, Utopian Global's mission is to provide secure, easy and accessible gold and silver based savings to everyone, while providing a simple liquid platform for everyday payments.

Utopian Global, the first of a kind
revolutionary Eco-System

Gain and preserve wealth while avoiding volatility, inflation and devaluation associated with other digital or fiat currencies.