10 exciting metaverse developments so far in 2022

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We’re two months away from 2023 and this year has seen the metaverse playing host to a wide array of new projects, most of which are from established corporations. 

Seeing as we’re near the end of the year, let’s have a look at some of the most exciting metaverse developments in 2022.

Source: Daily Sabah 

Before we get into it, a few things need to be cleared up.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the metaverse is a broad term under which many industries come together to create their own project. 

Therefore, this list will not be based around any one industry, like video game companies.

It’s easier to think of the metaverse as a hybrid of physical and digital worlds.

This means that any project you see should have some form of relevance both virtually and physically. 

With that distinction made, here are 10 exciting developments so far in 2022. 

  1. Nvidia Omniverse: In an innovative landscape where companies still ponder what the metaverse means to them, Nvidia has gone ahead with the Omniverse. An attempt to improve the world of corporate design, Nvidia’s Omniverse digital twins offer comprehensive and photo-realistic design platforms for professional designers to create initial drafts without costly mistakes. 

  1. LootMogul: Offering athletes, sports teams, and brands the ability to create their own virtual sport city, LootMogul is a sports metaverse platform that uses its own virtual currency called Mogul tokens. Users can buy NFT assets such as wearables, collectibles and in-game power items. The company has received a $200 million investment from Global Emerging Markets (GEM) for further development.

  1. Metaverse project 2117: Unveiled by Dubai based company Bedu, Metaverse project 2117 is a virtual world created to host around 100 million people (This is a projected value.) in the next ten years. The project aims to focus on building every aspect of the virtual world around the community, user requirements, and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In a showcase, Bedu revealed some of the features available to potential users, such as space pods that will be used as housing units. 

  1. Siemen’s Industrial Metaverse: Using its standalone Xcelerator platform, a digital business platform, Siemens demonstrates a path to the “industrial metaverse” using a portfolio and potential use cases for the technology. Additionally, the global corporation has shown what it can do in the metaverse through its VR project titled “Nemo’s Garden.” Displayed at the Web Summit 2022, visitors can experience underwater farming in a digital environment. 

  1. Amazon’s AWS Cloud Quest: Amazon has created a virtual program to teach how cloud computing works for its AWS cloud program. Constructed as a role-playing game, players have to navigate a virtual city, helping its inhabitants solve IT issues that are cloud-related. For completing these puzzles and simulations, players get to receive points. Arranged into 6 episodes, you can learn everything you need to about cloud computing by playing this game.

Source: Harvard Business Review

  1. Meta: This list would be incomplete without the behemoth that pushed itself into one central concept – a fire around which the corporate world dances. What has Meta done for the Metaverse in 2022? 

The most notable development so far has been the flagship conference “Meta Connect.” held in October this year Unveiling the new Meta Quest Pro and forming alliances, Meta has leaned on new hardware and partnerships to advance the narrative. Nearly 4 times more expensive than the previous model, the device has features that include eye tracking, virtual reality and mixed reality cameras.

Meta has also joined forces with Microsoft, Accenture, Zoom and Adobe to integrate Meta Quest into existing software solutions.  

  1. Epic games: Epic games decided to commit $2 billion towards its vision of the metaverse. Parent companies KIRKBI and Sony group were responsible for the infusion of capital providing $1 billion each.

It is possible this move is pure marketing. an attempt to push up Epic Games’ valuation. Still open to interpretation, the gaming company has always been supportive of content creators and gamers, two vital aspects to any successful metaverse investment. 

  1. Microsoft: The software giant kicked off the start of 2022 with a bang, announcing its intent to purchase gaming company Activision for $68.7 billion. The purchase – if approved – will be made with all cash. At a premium share price of $95, Activision will be an important part of Microsoft’s vision for the Metaverse. 

This move also signals to investors that it won’t just be Meta that owns the Metaverse, whatever form it may take in the future. 

Responsible for the best-selling series Call of Duty (or commonly known as COD), Activision is more than capable of providing much needed tech-assets to Microsoft for developing their take on the Metaverse.

  1.  Animoca Brands: Owner of metaverse platform Sandbox, Animoca Brands has deepened its commitment to this burgeoning industry by raising funds three times in 2022: $358 million in January, $75 million in July and $110 million in September.

  1. Google: Software company Google has maintained a sizable commitment to the metaverse. In 2022, Google announced it was setting up a $39.5 billion private equity devoted exclusively to Metaverse projects.

Source: Stambol Studios

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