Celebrating 6 Months since the launch of CASHETS

Here at Utopian Global, we’re all about rewarding our customers. 

Our recently launched Infinity Vault really does give you extra.

We’re talking up to 30% APY when you stake your CASHETS Tokens, up to 8.4% APY earning potential from referral rewards and the possibility to compound your referral rewards even further!

Simply upgrade to the premium yield and stake your CASHETS token to get the highest rates!


6 months of the CASHETS program going strong.

6 months of customers enjoying a 30% stable yield from investment in REAL assets. 

6 months of financial liberation.

We at Utopian Global are thrilled to celebrate our semi-annual milestone and look forward to many more!

For those of you who’ve decided to apply for one of our yield programs.

We thank you for choosing us. 

Follow our page for updates on gold and silver prices; financial happenings; and company news!

If you wish to learn more about CASHETS read the Whitepaper https://utopianglobal.com/static/cashets-whitepaper.pdf