Bitgert Crypto – Grabing Attention from new Investors

Could Bitgert be the next bull run for crypto investors?

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In a bearish crypto-market, Bitgert has managed to attract hype around its blockchain. 

Investors from Polkadot and Polygon, both of which are major crypto projects, have taken an interest and bought the coin.

Formerly known as Bitrise, the company decided to rebrand to a fresh name.  

So, what makes Bitgert so special?

For starters, it’s touted as the fastest blockchain in the world with a TPS (Transfer per second) of 100,000.

Secondly, it comes with no gas fees, something that other blockchains will charge you with each time you transfer crypto.

Its wallet is also ERC-20/BRC-20/BEP-20 supported and Bitgert is flush with 900,000 transactions  and over 250,000 community users.

In other ventures, Bitgert has made inroads into services such as smart contracts, staking, NFTs, Defi etc.

 A poll was held on twitter and 41.6% of respondents said they’d like to buy and sell consumer items (Clothing and Electronics) on a decentralized marketplace made by Bitgert.

The project is still young, only a year old and priced very low at 0.0000008322$ per token.

Even with all the hype and optimism, buyers still have to be wary. While the market seems bullish, investors still have to do their research on the coin and decide for themselves if it’s a good buy. 

Bitgert did fall with the rest of the crypto-market, so it may only move again in a bullrun where every crypto wins in capital gains.

That being said, Bitgert is priced so low that investors wouldn’t have to spend much to make a profit.

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