STORH™ backed by natural resources and technology

What is STORH™?

STORH™ is a new asset backed by Resources and Technology Digital Share based company and has selected Utopian Global to introduce it to the world. This exclusive relationship gives Utopian Global Members a special Bonus pricing on the STORH™ Digital Share.

These revenue generating assets include a broad range of natural resources, legacy energy resources, patented environmental remediation technologies, and sustainable technology & services.

STORH™ is a highly secure store of value that is designed for growth.

By fractionalizing asset ownership of its holdings through the issuance of digital shares with high-growth, cash-flow-producing assets, STORH™ can grow the value of the assets under management and provide access to opportunities that may not otherwise be available.

How will You Earn
Revenue with STORH™?

A substantial portion of earnings generated by the assets will go towards the acquisition of additional assets thereby spreading the market risk and exponentially increasing the total value of assets associated with STORH™.

Three Ways to
Gain Value from STORH™


Revenue from underlying assets will generate future distributions which will occur on a quarterly basis


STORH™ will see capital growth from the expansion and growth of assets, and thus be realized once the digital shares are listed on one or more exchanges


Become an affiliate and get special bonus digital shares for a very limited time

Who is behind STORH™

Ryan Messer


21 years business experience

Randall Eddington

Director of Midstream

Mike Miglio

Legal Counsel

James Stewart

Energy Resource Advisor - Geology

40 Years of successful accumulation discoveries as a Certified Petroleum Geologist

The CEO, Ryan Messer has over 18 years of energy experience as a C level executive, 10 of which were as COO and Executive Director of a public company. Having participated in over 200 wells and countless partnerships, Ryan has built an incredible group of technical advisors and an equally talented Board of Advisors and Directors.

State of the Art
Blockchain Technology

" 14 Billion - Annual cost of financial trade fraud that could be avoided through block chain "

Executable Strategy-Targeting a direct multi-billion dollar problem

Commodity Life Cycle
• Commodity Trading
• Midstream Logistics

Goal: To streamline processes where significant savings can pass through the settlement beneficiary. Reduce Labor Costs
• Reduce Manual and semi-manual effort
• Faster settlements reduce costs
• Reduction in technology expenditure

Executable Strategy

Directly targeting a direct multi-billion-dollar problem

Upstream Oil & Gas

• Exploration
• Field Development
• Production Operations

Mid Stream

• Transportation
• Processing
• Storage & Distribution


• Manufacturing
• Refining & Petro-Chemicals
• Wholesale and Marketing

What is behind STORH

In Phase I STORH™ will focus on 6 Key areas

Legacy Energy Resources

Sustainable Technology

Natural Gas Minerals to Market


Suistainable Services

Blockchain Technology

One project has been in production for over 80 years and will continue to produce for another 35+ years. Management is evaluating 8 high-impact projects, each supporting the initiatives and asset classes above and built around sustainability.

Executable Strategy

2019 will see the expansion of the company into Phase II, Mineral Resources, and the development of one of the largest mineral recovery projects of its kind! This project alone has the ability to quadruple the size of STORH™.

How can I Get STORH™

During the initial phases of the STORH™ launch Utopian Affiliates can exclusively offer STORH™ to customers, which will include a significant amount of BONUS digital shares for a short period of time.

Currently not available to US Citizens

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