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Hello Utopian Global Members, (EN, ES, FR, NL) These last days has been an exciting and great learning experience as we had various members fly into Houston Texas to visit STORH CEO Ryan Messer & CEO Utopian Global Bill Rowell for the final preparation of the phase one asset settlement. About 20 of us drove about 1 hour from Houston central to the asset of 5625 acres (2276 hectares) with over 90 producing wells. We were joined by STORH`s Consulting Geologist Jay Stewart (STORH white paper) and assets co-owner and operational engineer Glenn take us around the asset for several hours explaining the assets current production and future planned expansion. I am sure you have seen some of the content produced by the visiting members and their comments. One of the biggest realizations by the Members was that as a STORH Equity token owner they were joint owners in an asset with over 90% ownership held by industry professionals. What can you expect over the coming weeks; • Texas asset settlement • STORH Equity token price increasing by a factor of 2 (100% increase) on June 15th due to Texas asset acquisition valuation. The price adjustment will be moved from the 22nd of May to June 15th due to feedback from the market and adjustments to closing on the project. • USD 3million capital raise for midstream and non-recyclable plastic pyrolysis plant Having decades of experience in the fuels and petroleum business put STORH in a unique position to tackle and benefit from one of the largest problems that face our planet, plastics. STORH mission is to do good for the planet and communities impacted by companies who have profited off the backs of these communities. STORH will take a a fully integrated supply chain approach to recycling plastics and benefiting from all segments of the process at high margins while having a positive impact on the environment. STORH will launch its first facility in the US as a pilot program, which can then be replicated many times over around the world for the benefit of its stakeholders. • Members Video marketing video production We thank all the Utopian Global Customers and Affiliates for there continues support and trust CEO Utopian Global Bill Rowell CEO STORH Ryan Messer


Jan. 9, 2019